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4 Things You Should Know Before Purchasing the Toyota C-HR

18/10/2017 16:59

4 Things You Should Know Before Purchasing the Toyota C-HR

4 Things You Should Know Before Purchasing the Toyota C-HR

The Toyota C-HR is a quirky car that gives you all the essential makings of a reliable SUV. From the offbeat styling and cosy interior design, it’s a car that wants to be driven in and is worthy of a place on your driveway.

If the C-HR has peaked your curiosity, here are four things we think you should know about it before diving into the driver’s seat.

You can choose from 3 grades

There are 3 trims to give you the right car for your needs. First, is the Icon with the standard kit including 17” alloy wheels, dual-zone automatic air conditioning, 8” touchscreen with Toyota Touch, 6 speakers, DAB and Bluetooth and a host of other standard features.

Upgrade to the Excel, and you’ll get 18” alloy wheels, premium liquorice partial leather seats for even more style on the road. It’s not just about design, as you’ll also be treated to parking assist with smart entry, making it a trim worthy of the name.

However, for those of you who must have it all. the top trim, Dynamic, would be the one for you. Not only does it include all the features from both trims, but you’ll also have an extra dash of style with a metallic black bi-tone roof for the extra wow factor, as well as LED lights and enhanced infotainment features.

Whatever the trim, there’s going to be a model that gives you what you need.

It has a diamond-themed design

The Toyota C-HR isn’t afraid to be different, and it’s obvious with its quirky style choice. Essentially you’re riding a diamond with wheels when you’re driving this car - from it’s coupe-inspired design to its three-dimensional bumper, you’ll be turning heads as you cruise down the road in this.

The interior is styled with a diamond patterning on the door, speaker, seats, buttons and roof - diamonds are your best friend in this luxurious crossover.

The petrol engine that is 40% more efficient than other traditional petrol engines

Toyota’s decision to have an energy efficient engine moves the brand towards a more green future. The 1.8 litre petrol-electric hybrid is an engine designed for the future of motoring, returning 70mpg for optimal city driving.

Whilst the C-HR doesn’t offer a diesel engine, this can be forgiven due to the benefit for both driver and the environment - a bold move, only for the brave.

It won Autocar’s Game Changer 2017 trophy

The car ended up impressing the editors at Autocar magazine, with it’s fresh take on a crossover. It received rave reviews on it’s light and fun driveability, especially for urban areas. Not only was it dubbed a fun drive, but it was also praised for its use of the petrol-electric hybrid engine as a way to help reduce air pollution in more urban areas. The idea that the car has delivered a coupe-SUV hybrid into mainstream motoring, means that there is a new option for the public to consider when purchasing a new car.

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