• STEP 1:

    Complete the application form. Discuss with GM/DAD

    Endorse and submit. Link sent to complete the on-line assessments by Sue Smeaton.

  • STEP 2:

    Application and on-line assessments reviewed by selection panel.

    Succesful applicants invited to assessment centre.

  • STEP 3:

    Successful applicants invited to Evolution 2018 introduction.

    Link sent to personality profile questionnaire.

  • STEP 4:

    Personality profile feedback.

    Meet with mentor for development planning.

    Evolution programme starts.


Are you fanatical about being the best you can be?

We know your hard work makes a real difference to Vertu Motors and our customers every day, but do you believe you have the talent to achieve even more?

If you have the passion and drive to succeed in your career with us, and you aspire to be an Accountant of the future, Evolution could be for you.

Evolution is aimed at attracting the brightest and best colleagues from within Vertu Motors and supporting talented individuals like you to reach your full potential as an accountant.


Evolution is a formal programme of learning and development which equips you to be best placed to realise your ambitions and deliver exceptional performance and financial leadership in the future.

The Accountant Evolution programme will include operational training in the key sales and aftersales functions to enable you to more fully understand the key profit drivers of the business so that you can identify and highlight performance improvement opportunities. This is a 24-month programme which will set you on a career accelerating journey.

The Assistant Accountant Evolution programme offers function specific, work-based learning alongside formal training and development opportunities. This is a 15-month programme supporting you in achieving your career aspirations.

You won’t be alone - you will be part of a group of colleagues from across the business. It won’t be an easy journey – we will demand a lot from you, despite ensuring that your day to day duties are carried out we will expect you to commit the time to your development, attendance at training courses, and reading. For Accountants Evolution we even expect you to give a couple of weekend down days to working in the sales area of your site! We expect that you are enthusiastic about learning new skills and actively progressing your personal development.

In return for your hard work you will be provided with a structured programme of learning and development, work based experience and projects and networking opportunities with like-minded colleagues from across the business.

The structured personal development programme will include:

A copy of the detailed programme and approximate timings have been included in the ‘Useful Links’ section of the Vertu Talent Pages.

The Accountant Evolution programme will follow the below timeline:

The Assistant Accountants programme will follow the below timeline:


To make sure you have what it takes, we will put you through a structured selection process including an Accountant / Divisional Finance Director endorsement, application, online Talent Strength testing and an assessment centre.

The aim of Evolution is to offer you a range of training and development opportunities to equip you to progress into supervisory or managerial roles in the future, however we cannot guarantee a new role at the end of the programme, your progress within the business will be down to you.

What we will guarantee is TALENTED colleagues with DRIVE, ENERGY, ATTITUDE and CHARACTER who will be ready to achieve the goals they set out at the beginning of the programme... does this sound like you?

If so, you can apply by downloading the email application document found at Vertu Central, Vertu Talent page or www.vertucareers.com

Before completing the application form take some time to review the Accountant or Assistant Accountant job description. You can access the Job Description through the Vertu Talent Page or www.vertucareers.com

The application process is very straight-forward. Simply download the on-line application form, then apply by explaining in no more than 500 words why you believe you are: (1) Suitable for the programme and (2) Your future career aspirations. You will need to discuss your application with your General Manager or Divisional Finance Director and ask them to endorse your application. Once complete it’s then submitted to the Talent Coordinator, Sue Smeaton at [email protected]. Applications must be received by 27 April 2018.

Upon receipt of your application we will ask you to complete a number of on-line assessments, the results of which will form part of your application. These come via an email link from Talent Strengths. There are 5 assessments which include:

The Talent Strength assessments should be completed by 04 May 2018, the results of which will form part of your application.

All applications will then be reviewed by a selection panel to determine who will be invited to a function specific assessment centre, which will involve:

For more information, please contact Sue Smeaton, Talent Coordinator on 0191 491 2223