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When you池e starting your career it is important that you apply to join a company that is right for you, one that shares your values, will appreciate your work ethic and reward your achievements.

It is not that different from buying a car. Get it right and you値l feel good every time you make a journey. Get it wrong, however, and you値l never feel satisfied. Choosing an employer is similar but, considering how much time we all spend at work, it is far more important to get that choice right. After all, this is a decision that will literally change the course of your life. You need to know, however, that we are equally choosey when deciding who will be making this journey with us. You would expect no less.

Our Graduate and Apprentice programs are a great place to start a career. The possibilities are endless and each program offers you the opportunity to develop and perfect your skills and professional expertise, with training and development to match.

The challenges we face over the next few years are unparalleled in the UK Motor Industry. And because we believe in letting our graduates and apprentices contribute from day one, you値l experience them first hand. The energy you bring, the skills you develop and value you add will have a direct impact on how we handle the demanding times ahead.

Your development at Vertu Motors is just that. Your development, tailored to your individual needs. We値l build on your natural talent, providing you with the skills and tools to help drive the future of our business.

Your potential, combined with our training, is everything you need to get your career off to a great start. But we don稚 stop at inductions. With our commitment to continuous learning, you値l have every opportunity to grow into your role. Your development as a graduate or an apprentice is focused on the needs of the business area, but we値l also help you cultivate key business skills such as team working, project management, influencing, communicating and presenting. You値l also be encouraged to gain professional qualifications where appropriate.

On top of regular reviews with your manager to identify your development goals we also use buddies and mentors to guide and advise our graduates and apprentices in many areas of the business. We have a variety of different programs, however: we tailor them, depending on the role you choose. One more thing: we set the bar high. We池e looking for people who are highly intelligent and numerate. Equally, we require graduates and apprentices who inspire the people around them, bring a fresh perspective and work collaboratively in a team.

These programs are the perfect way to make your mark on the business.