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ESG and Driving Sustainability

ESG and Driving Sustainability

Caring for the planet is not just one person's responsibility. It's everybody's. We all have the power to influence and shape a greener, more sustainable future.

Our generation faces some of the most complex national, social, environmental, and economic issues seen for decades. That is why we launched our Driving Sustainability strategy in 2021 to play our role and help tackle some of these issues head on.

We are on a mission to redefine everyday mobility and change consumer habits on electric vehicles, reduce the environmental impact of our business. And above all, give back to the communities we operate in.

Work with our Manufacturer partners to provide increasingly sustainable choices for customers


Increase the share of the Group's sales of alternatively fuelled vehicles by a minimum 30% each year to 2030

Maintain our position as the UK's largest supplier of vehicles to the Motability fleet

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Reduce the environmental impact of our business


Deliver an annual 10% like-for-like reduction in the energy the Group draws from the national grid

70% of all dry waste to be recycled by 2025

25% of the corporate fleet to be alternatively powered by 2025

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Care for our colleagues and support communities

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At least 90% of the Colleagues to agree that the Group is a great place to work

Continue to support causes local to our dealership network applying a central support budget of £150,000 per annum

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Work with our manufacturer partners to provide increasingly sustainable choices for customers

Ahead of the UK Government's ban on the sale of new petrol and diesel cars from 2030, we are looking to increase sales of alternatively fuelled vehicles by a minimum of 30% each year across the Group.

To help us achieve this goal, we are working towards EVA accreditation across all of our dealerships, with sales and workshop colleagues undergoing extensive EV awareness training. The EVA badge of approval gives customers confidence that they are dealing with an electric vehicle retail expert.

Vertu Motors PLC is currently leading the way in EV accreditation and is the UK�s motor retail group with the most dealerships to hold Electric Vehicle Approved (EVA) status.

Reduce the environmental impact of our business

As a Group, we are on a mission to reduce the environmental impact of our business and have already made great progress towards our goals set out in our Driving Sustainability strategy.

Since launching the strategy in 2021, we have:

Reduced like-for-like energy usage by 4.1%

Recycled 65% of trade waste

Collected waste oil from car servicing to recycle back into base oil

Care of our colleagues and support communities

We are committed to supporting communities that our dealerships operate within and have a number of partnerships, including:

Great North Air Ambulance

Bristol Street Motors provided the Great North Air Ambulance with support to purchase a branded van, which will be used for collecting donations, as well as fundraising and educational activities within the community.

Vertu Motors Arena

Vertu Motors acquired exclusive naming rights to the former Eagles basketball arena in Newcastle, which plays home to the Eagles basketball team and the Eagles Community Foundation. The foundation aims to increase levels of sustainable basketball participation in Tyneside, Wearside, and South East Northumberland. The arena also acted as a vaccination centre during the COVID-19 pandemic.

We care about our colleagues and that's why we care about what you have to say. Our colleague satisfaction surveys and monthly forums allow you to share your feedback and drive the direction of the business to make Vertu Motors an even greater place to work.

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